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Maybe you were up until three in the morning trying to ignore that nagging dripping from a leak in your roof. It’s incredible just how much noise that can make. Perhaps you can see that shingles are missing, or that there’s a crack in a tile. Sometimes, you don’t see any sign of damage at all, but you want to be sure that your roof is in good shape after a storm. It doesn’t really matter why you want to pick up the phone and call us. What matters is that you do.

We’re so passionate about the residential roofing business that we’ll even pick up the tab for the damage inspection. Give us a call when you suspect damage, and we’ll arrange a time to come out and check your roof for you.

If we find nothing, we’ll be off again after a friendly chat. If we do see that something is amiss, we’ll take photos and talk to you about what we’d recommend. You can choose to explore these options with us further, or not – there’s no obligation.



What if I Can’t See Any Roof Damage?

If only it were that simple. Unfortunately, your roof is under constant assault and, unless someone goes and checks it out, minor damage can be easily missed. You’ll be able to see obvious signs, like a missing shingle, or one that’s badly curled, but there are other forms of damage.

Like with asphalt shingles, for example. These shingles are waterproof thanks to the coating of asphalt on them. Over time, rain and hail will chip this coating away. This is not something that you’ll see unless you get up close. You might notice more asphalt than usual in the gutter, though. Again, you have to get up there to check the gutter. Once the coating is worn away enough, the shingles are no longer waterproof. Your roof can no longer do its job properly.

Hail can also cause hairline cracks and chips in slate or clay tiles. This damage also affects the ability of the tiles to do their jobs correctly.

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Water is one of the most powerful shaping forces on earth. Given enough time, it will wear right through even the toughest granite. Wood and drywall are not going to hold up nearly as long.

The problem is not so much the leaks that you can see. Those you’ll get fixed pretty quickly. It’s the water damage from the ones that you don’t see that are problematic.
Think of it this way. If you put your clothes away before they dry properly, they start to mold. The same kind of thing will happen in your ceiling if water keeps getting in. Ceilings are dark and typically don’t have a lot of air flow.

If there’s a fair amount of water, the boards never dry out, and ideal conditions optimal for mold and rot to set in are created. The water may also start to seep into the walls and cause water damage that way.

Why risk it? Let us come and take a look and see if there is any damage to your roof. Then we can get it sorted out before structural damage starts to set in.


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