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Commercial Roofing Made Tough

Businesses these days need to run on strict margins to remain competitive. Downtime is highly detrimental to your bottom line. If you have a roofing issue, you can’t have your plant stand idle for weeks on end without progress being made.

If you’re renting the space to another business, it becomes even more crucial to get your commercial roofing repairs done as efficiently as possible. As business owners, we understand the time crunch you’re under.

We’ve honed our processes to make them as efficient as possible. We plan out everything carefully so that the project dovetails together perfectly. We’ll keep the lights on in the building until the last possible second.



How Does Our Commercial Roofing Service Work?

It all starts with you calling us in to do a damage check. You don’t pay a dime for this service. We offer it free because we don’t want you to have any qualms about calling us in. If we don’t find anything, we’ll be on our way, and you’ll have peace of mind.

If we do find damage, our commercial roofing inspectors will document it carefully, and take photos as well. Once the inspection is complete, our inspector will sit down with you to offer solutions and discuss whether they think insurance will cover the damage.

If they feel that you do have a good claim, they’ll help you with the paperwork. We’ll guide you through the very confusing world of commercial insurance so that you have the best chance of having your claim approved.

If necessary, they’ll suggest interim measures to secure the roof and prevent further damage. When you approve the repairs, we’ll order all the required supplies. We’ll schedule a date for the repairs at a time that suits you, and that allows enough time for the supplies to be received.

In the meantime, depending on the extent of the damage, it’ll be business as usual for you. By not touching a thing until all the supplies have been received, we limit the amount of downtime for you.

When we do start work, we’ll dedicate a highly-qualified team to the project. This ensures that the repairs are carried as effectively and quickly as possible. We’ll get the job done right the first time so that you don’t have to deal with the same issues over and over again.

Why Choose Our Commercial Roofing Experts?

We’ve built our reputation by offering outstanding service. We won’t cut corners, and we’ll always treat you fairly. It might mean that we’re operating on smaller margins, but it makes the best business sense in the long term.

You’ll be pleased with the work that we do and have no qualms about referring business to us. We get quality business leads and get to save on advertising, so it all balances out in the end. We understand that our clients are our most valuable asset, so we’ll always do our best for you.

Why not test us our excellent service for yourself? Take advantage of our free inspection service and see where you stand today.

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Established in 2008, SRQ Building Services Inc. is a full service residential and commercial roofing contractor specializing in roof replacements and roof repairs in Sarasota and Manatee County Florida.

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